Team Membership

The idea of the Women’s Cycling Association began in May 2013 when a few passionate cyclists from the Women’s Peloton decided to put their team allegiances behind them and join together to work toward developing and advancing the state of women’s cycling, taking the same steps leaders like Billy Jean King did for equality in women’s tennis over forty years ago. Since our launch in August 2013, we have been amazed at the support we have received from the cycling community and beyond! This tremendous response to the WCA has demonstrated to us that there is a common desire of so many people to advance the sport of cycling.

By joining the Women’s Cycling Association, your team will help build a future for women’s cycling. Benefits include:

  1. Team Feature and listing on website with link to team website
  2. Mention with other Team Level Members in two e-newsletters per year
  3. Additional support to promote one (1) cycling related or team event
  4. Use of the WCA logo to show affiliation with prior written consent