Zimmer Capital p/b Foundation was formed at the end of 2013, in preparation for the 2014 season. The team is owned and operated by Elite Cycling, Inc., a non-profit whose mission is to promote and develop the growth of women’s cycling through participation in UCI, NRC and Northeast/New England Regional races, community outreach and social media presence.

Team Objectives:

1. To promote, develop and foster the growth of women’s cycling in a clean and positive way. By racing on the international and national levels, riders will be given the opportunity to obtain big race experience while continuing to compete at local and regional races.
2. To provide a unique marketing and branding experience for sponsors through brand and product awareness within the cycling and race host communities, as well as through a very large web/social media presence. The ultimate goal being that all sponsors will see a return on their investment.
3. To educate and inspire girls toward healthy living and physical activity through community outreach events at local schools in the New York, Capital Region area. By achieving this, more girls and women will become familiar with the activity and sport of cycling.

The team will work closely with the WCA and one other non-profit (to be announced at a later date) in order to fulfill their mission and set an example for other women’s teams to follow!



Pictured (left to right):
Leslie Lupien (NH) – Cat 2
Raquel Miller (NY) – Cat 1
Celia Riechel (MA) – Cat 2
Patty Buerkle (PA) – Cat 1
Beth Ruiz (NY) – Cat 1
Kate Lysakowski (MA) – Cat 1

Not Pictured:
Andy Ruiz (NY) – Director Sportif

Zimmer Capital p/b Foundation Elite Women's Cycling Team Kit


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