SaraBlueberrywebHello Avid Cyclists! Welcome to your WCA Nutrition Blog…..

My name is Sarah Weber, and I am a Registered Dietitian, specializing in sports nutrition and cycling! What’s a Registered Dietitian you ask? A Registered Dietitian is a specialist in Nutrition, much like an Orthopedist is a medical specialist. My niche is sports (mainly cycling), food allergies, performance nutrition, and nutrition education. I have a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics, another in Nutrition, and I am currently working towards an advanced degree in Sports Nutrition in a program sponsored by the International Olympic Committee. I am a life-long athlete, and I know from experience and education the importance of nutrition with respect to performance and health.

I began as a ballet dancer and retired my pointe shoes after 23 years of feet cramping abuse, only to bind them again into cycling shoes….I love cycling! Ideally long and steep climbs that wander through gorgeous terrain, where my physical and mental limits are pushed, and where life becomes about that moment…. So how does nutrition come into this? Food, macronutrients, water, essential electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals allow us to endure, experience, and enjoy the physical demands of the sport!

Sounds so simple and easy, huh? Unfortunately, it’s not. But I love it and welcome the challenge! I recognize and respect that our bodies are unique puzzles, all with our own specific nutritional needs. What works for one person, might not work for another. It’s just like training for a race: we all respond best to slightly different training volume and intensity in order to reach peak performance. So how is food and our diet any different? And how can we reach our nutritional peak?

Persistence, education, and experimentation….I am starting this monthly blog for all of us women cyclists that have questions about food and nutrition (and who doesn’t???). I will bring up nutritional issues both on and off the bike (because they all affect our performance) in hopes of creating a mentally and emotionally healthy environment in which we pursue a successful relationship with food (and our bodies). So, together let’s address nutritional practicalities of training and racing in conjunction with nutritional sciences. The road is open and the peak is ours for the taking….


Sarah Weber, RD, LD