Domonique Photo2

By: Domonique Smith

When finding out the BMX World Championships would be on home soil all I could think about was qualifying and competing to try and become the World Champion for my age class (17-24 Womens). With numerous days and hours spent training in the gym, on the track, and sprinting I was able to race the first World Qualifier in Phoenix, AZ.

Since the Championship race is in my home country the qualifying system was slightly different. When going to other countries, USA can only provide eight riders per age class. This year, 32 riders per age class were able to qualify. USABMX decided to run four qualifier races around the country. One in Arizona, then South Carolina, the next in Oregon, and finally the last one in Texas. You had to make the mains in order to qualify for the race. Luckily, I was able to do just that.

Domonique-Photo-3After qualifying to represent team USA, my family and myself began trying to figure out ways to come up with the funds to help make this trip affordable. Even though the race is cheaper due to it being in the United States, it is still costly at almost $2,000 (per racer). This is when I began reaching out to businesses and some programs who I thought would be able to help out. After weeks with no luck, I got a response from the WCA (Women’s Cycling Association). The WCA is an amazing group of women trying to help fellow women in cycling and knowing they were trying to help me get to this prestigious race…I was truly forever grateful.

After a couple of weeks of hoping and praying, I received an email that explained I was the
lucky receiver of the Women’s Cycling Association Foundation Scholarship. My heart dropped, eyes became
watery…I was truly at a loss of words. Due to this opportunity, my goals of becoming a World
Champion were still alive. This funding is helping with my registration and my flight to get me
to the race and knowing that such an amazing association believes in me and my abilities is truly
the greatest feeling ever.

The Women’s Cycling Foundation Scholarship is helping me out in more than one way.
Knowing this scholarship is helping with my funding, I am able to concentrate more on my
riding and training rather than trying to figure out ways to come up with the funds to go to this
race. My goal is to set a track time of 25 seconds and if I can reach this goal I will hopefully
become a World Champion.

Domonique Photo1Thank you so much to the Women’s Cycling Association Foundation for giving me the honor of being the receiver of the Women’s Cycling Foundation Scholarship. I am forever grateful that this
foundation is keeping my dreams alive and my goals in motion.