Featured Team: Strive Racing

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Once a month, the Women’s Cycling Association showcases an inspiring team from the women’s cycling community. This week we’re excited to introduce Strive Racing, a junior team based out of Southern California.
Women’s Cycling Association: Do you really have 5 kids, including 4 daughters, that all race?
Richard Swan: Yes I do. Their racing ages for 2014 are Hannah 18, Rachel 17, Moriah 15, Sarah 13, and Luke 10. They all race for Strive Racing.

WCA: How did they become involved in cycling?
RS: I was an endurance cyclist, usually training for the next double century. My rides were long and my kids missed me. So they started doing my short recovery rides, and eventually my longer rides, just to get more fellowship and fun time in with Dad. Moriah, who finished her first double century at age 12, had completed multiple century rides before she ever started racing her bike at age 11. Now, they all prefer the thrill of racing over those 8 hour endurance rides.

WCA: What are the challenges of having four teenage girls all on the same team?
RS: While things can get a tad hormonal at times, I am very blessed to have four girls that are absolute angels. They are sisters and they are teammates, but they are also best friends. They genuinely love each other, get along great, and have lots of fun together. It makes my job as Coach very easy.

WCA: What are the girls’ greatest strengths on the bike?
RS: Hannah is strong in every road discipline, but especially good in the TT. Rachel is our sprinter. She had some amazing finishes in 2013 that were very fun to watch. Moriah has the best bike handing [...]