29 11, 2017

Tips for Cycling in Inclement Weather

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Tips for Cycling in Inclement Weather

By: Bryan Mac Murray

Commuting via bicycle can be a year-round sport, even if you live in an area where the winter is less than pleasant November through February. Cycling does have its advantages to driving in the winter: you’ll be able to avoid winter traffic, not worry about parking in plow zones, and as always you’ll save on gas. Unfortunately, there are some hazards that pop up when cycling in the winter. Here are some top tips for staying safe when commuting in colder months.

Use an Old Bike

Fat bikes are certainly fun, but they’ll set you back at least $1,500, with many models costing $3,000. If you’re really looking to get from Point A to B, consider just using an old mountain bike in the winter. Winter travel is definitely hard on your bike, so utilizing a mountain bike you no longer ride not only saves your best bicycle for better months, but also saves thousands from purchasing another. Just be sure to clean your bike after a ride through the snow!

If you don’t want to take the time to wash off your bike after riding in the snow, store it in a garage or somewhere cold so additional ice won’t build up once you take it out again. Even if your bike isn’t that dirty, you may still want to store your bike somewhere cold to avoid water condensing on your bike, which can promote rust.

Attach Fenders

Speaking of clean, cycling in snow tends to kick back a bunch of slush onto yourself, your bike, and anyone traveling behind you. Moisture can cause hypothermia (not to mention ruined clothes), so splashes from slush is certainly something to [...]

8 11, 2017

Tips for Choosing and Preparing for a Cycling Event from Pro, Robin Farina

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Training and Preparation

Being prepared is the most important thing that will ensure an enjoyable and successful ride. First, let’s focus on the physical part of your event—because that may be foremost on your mind.
When deciding among the route options, it’s best to choose a distance you have already achieved or come close to. Also consider the elevation gain, or the amount of climbing on the ride. That can add to the challenge, no matter the route distance.

If you have done several 50+ mile rides, choosing the longer metric century would be appropriate (either 66 or 67 miles). If you are a beginner cyclist, choose one of the shorter distances offered.
Still a little daunted? Know that there will be rest stops and support vehicles along the route. Make sure you stop at the rest stops to fuel up on your ride, use the restroom or just give your legs a rest.

What to Bring

Cycling can involve a lot of accessories! Here is a basic checklist of the “must haves” that you should take with you anytime you ride:

• Helmet
• Sunglasses
• Emergency contact card and health insurance card
• Water bottles (one with water and one with electrolyte drink)
• Extra food such as a sandwich or a Go Macro bar
• Cooler and ice for when you depart and return
• Extra tubes for your bike and a small bike pump
• Medical supplies (if needed)
• Clothing and gear ◾Jersey
• Bibs/shorts
• Base layer (in case it’s chilly)
• Socks
• Wind jacket and/or vest
• Rain jacket and/or vest
• Arm warmers, leg warmers, knee warmers
• Shoe covers

During the ride

Finally, remember to pace yourself. Don’t go out too hard or faster than you are used to riding. If you are used to a specific [...]

2 06, 2017

WCA Foundation Awards First Scholarship

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By: Domonique Smith

When finding out the BMX World Championships would be on home soil all I could think about was qualifying and competing to try and become the World Champion for my age class (17-24 Womens). With numerous days and hours spent training in the gym, on the track, and sprinting I was able to race the first World Qualifier in Phoenix, AZ.

Since the Championship race is in my home country the qualifying system was slightly different. When going to other countries, USA can only provide eight riders per age class. This year, 32 riders per age class were able to qualify. USABMX decided to run four qualifier races around the country. One in Arizona, then South Carolina, the next in Oregon, and finally the last one in Texas. You had to make the mains in order to qualify for the race. Luckily, I was able to do just that.

After qualifying to represent team USA, my family and myself began trying to figure out ways to come up with the funds to help make this trip affordable. Even though the race is cheaper due to it being in the United States, it is still costly at almost $2,000 (per racer). This is when I began reaching out to businesses and some programs who I thought would be able to help out. After weeks with no luck, I got a response from the WCA (Women’s Cycling Association). The WCA is an amazing group of women trying to help fellow women in cycling and knowing they were trying to help me get to this prestigious race…I was truly forever grateful.

After a couple of weeks of hoping and praying, I received an email that explained I was [...]

1 06, 2017

The Quinoa Craze – WCA Nutrition Blog

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In recent years, quinoa’s status as a nutritional powerhouse has become more widely known.
5 11, 2016

Join The Ride Tour California

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28 06, 2016

WCA Nutrition Blog – Research Survey

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Hello cycling members!

To date, there is little research in the nutritional practices of women in cycling, with most of the research being done on male cyclists. Why is this? Instantly, a flood of thoughts come to my mind. But in my best attempt to keep this posting as unbiased as possible, I will refrain from sharing my opinion on unjust treatment of women in sports. Rather, I hope to remedy this situation and contribute to a small but growing number of interesting studies done with looking at different nutritional practices between men and women, blended with current nutrition interest for endurance athletes of all levels.

That said, I dedicate this month’s Nutrition blog to giving you a chance to voice your opinion on your nutritional practices. I want to learn from you, and further the research being done to meet endurance athlete’s needs, and acknowledge the different approaches taken by men and women, and some possible reasons behind it. With these results, I will write an article describing these differences! Additionally, you will receive a specialized e-book on 7 different nutrient-dense grains, endurance specific benefits and use, and a scrumptious recipe to enjoy.

I would really appreciate you taking 10 minutes of your time to contribute. Click HERE to take the WCA Nutrition Survey.

I’ll be back next month with the usual Nutrition interest blog, including great recipes…

Best of Health,
Sarah Weber, RD.

27 06, 2016

Fourth Annual femme/VELO in Whitefish, MT

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femme/VELO invites women of all skill levels and abilities to join us for a mass-start, timed ride through the scenic Flathead Valley. We’re offering 3 course options this year: 160.9km (100 miles), 100km (62.1 miles), and 50km (31 miles). While this isn’t a race we encourage you to challenge yourself, push yourself to untested limits and walk away from femme/VELO knowing you’ve done something you’ve never done before. Whether that is racing against the clock, riding to beat a personal best, completing a 50km or 100km or Century distance for the first time, riding to celebrate a personal achievement, riding for the love of the bicycle and the open road, or whatever your reason to ride femme/VELO provides you with an encouraging, friendly environment to help you rise up to the road and conquer it!

#RideIT #RaceIT #BeAPartOfIt #ChallengeYourself

For more information visit us at:

20 04, 2016

WCA Hosts First 2016 JoinTheRide Tour in Atlanta

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The Women’s Cycling Association hosted their first 2016 JoinTheRide Tour Women’s Cycling Clinic and Ride in Atlanta on Tuesday, April 19th at Atlanta Cycling Vinings! Pros, Robin Farina and Tina Pic of Happy Tooth Dental Pro Cycling Team, led the night’s events with a clinic on climbing and descending, a ride through the beautiful Vinings area, and then a dinner and Q&A at TMac Cumberland.

Check out more photos from the night on the WCA Facebook page!

17 02, 2016

KOM February Financial Blog

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Hooray, Stock Markets are Crashing!

By: Jack Strada – KOM Financial Planning

The title of this blog is not a headline you will read in any financial publication. Instead, you are more likely to read headlines screaming about how many billions of dollars of value has been erased from the markets. A google search on “Stock market crash” brought up the following gems:

Are Stocks 80% Overvalued? New Evidence Shocks Wall Street

​Analyst: Here Comes the Biggest Stock Market Crash in a Generation
​Famed Harvard Economist Predicts: “The Greatest Stock Market Collapse since the Great Depression”
​This plays upon people’s fears and often leads to knee-jerk reactions from individual investors. In fact, this has been happening as can be seen from the data published in Bloomberg on January 9th:

​As I have written before, this is exactly the behavior you want to avoid. Better to think like Warren Buffett, who has been quoted to say:

“Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.” ~ Warren Buffett

​So when stock markets drop, you need to look at it as if one of your favorite products is on sale. This is difficult to do, especially when you see the overall value of your investments has dropped dramatically. If you have a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds; however, you can re-balance your portfolio and take advantage of the stock market ‘sale’. These are themes I repeat often in my blog: 1) don’t let your emotions influence your investment decisions, 2) market crises come and go, but in the long run, equity markets have provided a return greater than inflation, and 3) avoid market timing; rather, maintain a diversified portfolio and [...]

17 02, 2016

WCA February Nutrition Blog – Black Currant- the New Superfood?

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Most of us are looking for a “nutritional edge.” The one food or combination of foods/supplements that will excel our body faster than any other racer in the pack. It is this phenomenon that drives research to investigate foods that may enhance performance. Within the recent decade, the potent antioxidant anthocyanin has been identified in many different red, purple, and blue fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, and flowers. This category of antioxidant has been shown to have significant health and performance benefits.

Towards the end of this past year, the New Zealand black currant berry (CurraNZ) has been identified as a potent source of anthocyanin. Further research needs to be conducted on this intriguing berry before I conclude it reliably beneficial and begin recommending pre-race dosing, but the emerging data is interesting. One of these studies uses black current during repeated running sprints to exhaustion, but can be comparable to sprints and surges experienced regularly in cycling.

Perkins et al. (2015) have tested the New Zealand black currant extract containing 300mg/day CurraNZ with 105mg anthocyanin for 7 days versus a placebo when performing multiple short high-intensity running sprints with the same length recovery in between sessions. The results indicated those taking CurraNZ covered a greater total distance with repeated sprints (10.6% increase distance), had higher lactate at exhaustion, and larger changes in lactate during early stages of recovery after repeated sprints to exhaustion. I don’t doubt that future studies including this berry will quickly emerge.

This berry, like many others, in my mind acts as nature’s platform to deliver anthocyanin. Anthocyanin can be found in many foods though, and deserves to be consumed regularly in an athlete’s [...]

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