17 12, 2014

Olympians, World and National Champion Cyclists Join WCA Board of Directors

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Women’s Cycling Association (WCA) Expands Board of Directors to Include Current and Former Top U.S. and International Women Pro Cyclists – Emma Pooley, Iris Slappendel, Lea Davidson, Dotsie Bausch, Inga Thompson, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, Marion Clignet, Kathryn Bertine, Georgia Gould, and Jill Gass
 Winston-Salem, NC – For Release December 17, 2014 – As part of its new strategic growth plan, the Women’s Cycling Association (WCA) is expanding its Board of Directors to include current and former top U.S. and International Pro Women Cyclists to advance Women’s Professional Cycling Worldwide. New WCA Board Members include Great Britain’s 2008 Olympic Time Trial Silver Medalist, Emma Pooley; 2014 Dutch National Road Race Champion, Iris Slappendel; 2012 Olympian and Silver Medalist, 7x U.S. National Champion and a 2x Pan American Gold Medal winner, Dotsie Bausch; 2012 Mountain Bike Cross-Country Bronze Medalist and 4x U.S. National Champion, Georgia Gould; Olympian and 2009 German National Road Cycling Champion, Ina-Yoko Teutenberg; Olympian and winner of 10 US National Championships, Inga Thompson; 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist, World Champion, and French Road and Track Champion, Marion Clignet; 2013 Caribbean Champion (time trial), 3x St. Kitts and Nevis Road and Time Trial National Champion, Kathryn Bertine; Olympian and current U.S. National Mtn Bike Champion, Lea Davidson; and USAC Certified Expert Level Coach and multiple Master’s State Champion in all disciplines, Jill Gass.

“The WCA is on the verge of something obviously unprecedented in cycling and following in the footsteps of the great women’s leaders of our time for equality in sport”, said Dotsie Bausch.  “I look forward to being able to speak out loud and clear on the WCA mission and the opportunity to bring the WCA forward for the public to see and understand its power and [...]

12 12, 2014

December Nutrition post

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The Holidays are Here!

Healthy Eating Tips for Holidays Gatherings….

Holidays can be a very fun time full of family and friends, and often revolve around food.  This can be a challenge for those trying to lose or even maintain their weight through the off-season.  You can still avoid the typical holiday weight gain while celebrating with everyone else!  When going to a holiday gathering, keep the following in mind:

Never go Hungry:

Be sure to eat a small healthy snack before going to a gathering or waiting for a holiday meal.  This will help prevent you from over-eating…

Include 10-20 grams protein, high fiber grains, and some veggies/fruit for a satisfying pre-meal.


 Salad topped with tuna and white beans and light dressing
 Small whole grain tortilla filled with lean meats and veggies
 Shelled edamame steamed with cauliflower and broccoli
 Green smoothie
 Greek yogurt topped with small amount of granola or muesli
 Poached egg sandwich on 1/2 whole wheat English muffin with spinach and roasted peppers

Spread the Happiness:

Bring something deliciously healthy to share with everyone!


Cheve or other cheese with French bread or your favorite crackers
Hummus with veggies and whole grain crackers/matza
Baked spiced sweet potatoes
Charcuterie plate or smoked salmon plate
Pumpkin or sweet potato pie/cookies
Salad topped with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds
Tropical fruit salad
Rice pudding

Plateful of Ideas:

Fill your plate with the healthiest offerings first.  Then, selectively choose small amounts of the more calorie dense items (the “treats”) to garnish the meal.
Concentrate on your meal when you are eating it.  Bite, chew fully, and assess the food to see if you like it.  You can even discuss flavors with your buddy, or complement the chef- “does this have cinnamon in it?  It’s fantastic!”

Deck Your Plate [...]

10 12, 2014


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Meeting Reports and Documents
Report of the Treasurer

Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws

Organization Chart
Board of Directors Structure and Function
Board Member Responsibilities
Officer responsibilities
Standing and Ad Hoc Committees and Councils


Sample Election Ballot

Proposed Strategic Plan

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