24 08, 2014

Anonymous Issue/Concern Submission Form

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15 08, 2014

August WCA Nutrition Blog – Are You Getting Enough Calcium?

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Hello WCA members!
As the season quickly progresses and training/racing demands increase, so do your nutritional needs. Calcium is an important essential mineral that is typically low in women athletes, as foods containing Calcium are often sacrificed to meet training weight and performance demands. Your present and future health could be at risk. Don’t jeopardize the longevity of your racing profession by cutting essential nutritional corners. Make sure you are getting enough Calcium at the right times to optimize absorption. Here’s how…..

Calcium’s daily job:
99% of our bodies Calcium is dedicated to forming and maintaining bone- the important skeletal structure that continues to develop until about 30 years old. At about 30 years, our skeleton has reached its peak development and begins to decline in strength throughout the rest of our lives, making it extremely important to get enough Calcium during the bone’s developing years!
Calcium isn’t only working daily to maintain bone, but also acts in a variety of other essential ways- enzyme activation (allowing for basic and complex cell activity to give us life); vascular contraction and vasodilation (which allows different amounts of blood to flow throughout our body and to our muscles for use and repair); nerve impulse and transmission (which allows us to feel and sense how tight our cycling shoes are for example); and muscle contraction/function- super important for us cyclists (need I say more?)!!!

How much makes all this possible?
Aim for at least ~1200mg/day and limit your Calcium intake to ~25-50% Daily Value (DV) each time you eat it. Why? …Like many things, more is not always better! Research indicates that the body can only absorb ~250-500mg of Calcium at [...]

8 08, 2014

WCA All-Female Team at Trois Etapes for World Bicycle Relief

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The WCA and World Bicycle Relief recently joined forces to create the first All-Female Team at Trois Etapes, a pro-am cycling event held August 8-11th in the French Pyrenees, to help raise funds to mobilize women and girls in Africa and support women’s cycling all over the world. Check out a few photos on the WCA Facebook page with Robin Farina, Evelyn Stevens, Chrissie Wellington, Emma Pooley, Heidi Wood, Jill Gass, Vicki Ford, Sarah Boddington and April Marshke.

WCA President, Robin Farina also spoke with Pro Cyclist and Olympic Silver Medalist, Emma Pooley on “the power of the bicycle” and the importance of women cyclists giving back! Check out the interview HERE.

For more information on the WCA/WBR All-Female team at Trois Etapes and to DONATE, click HERE!

7 08, 2014

WCA Store

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Thanks to all of you who placed an order for our inaugural WCA Kit and/or Tank. Look for your items to arrive in September. Check back soon for our next store opening!

3 08, 2014


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August, 2014 WCA All-Female Team at Trois Etapes for World Bicycle Relief
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July, 2014 Join the Ride Tour and women’s clinic at Sports Basement San Francisco, CA
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May, 2014 WCA/Philly Cycling Classic Pre-Race Reception Philadelphia, PA
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March, 2014 Join the Ride Tour Calabasas, CA
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February, 2014 Join the Ride Tour/Half The Road Screening Tucson, AZ
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January 26, 2014 Join The Ride Tour San Luis Obispo, CA
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December, 2013 Join The Ride Tour Bay Area
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WCA Official Launch Party
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Coming soon

1 08, 2014

WCA Joining Forces with American Diabetes Association 2014 Tour de Cure Women’s Series to

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Pro Cyclist and WCA President, Robin Farina will lead the Tour de Cure Women’s Series Rides in California

The WCA is excited to announce a partnership with the American Diabetes Association and the Tour de Cure: Women’s Series, a new signature fundraising event for the American Diabetes Association. WCA President, Robin Farina, will be leading the charge at this year’s Women’s Series to get more women on bikes and STOP diabetes! The California Tour de Cure Women’s Series will take place on Saturday, September 13th in Santa Barbara and Sunday, October 26th in the San Francisco Bay area. Participants can join Robin and the WCA team in Southern, CA and get a free registration with this code: WCA14. Register for or donate to the WCA team HERE.

“I am so thrilled to be part of the Tour de Cure Women’s Series this year” said Robin. “The Women’s Cycling Association and I are truly passionate and committed to women in cycling and feel that the Women’s Series will help encourage women to get involved in cycling and, at the same time, raise critical funds to stop this growing epidemic.” According to the American Diabetes Association, of the nearly 29 million children and adults in the U.S. with diabetes, 13.4 million of them are women. People of all ages, backgrounds and gender are welcome to ride in support of women’s cycling and the American Diabetes Association’s movement to Stop Diabetes.

The WCA is a coalition of cyclists, across the globe, which supports the advancement and success of Women’s Cycling on both sporting and business levels. The WCA continues to work with cycling industry companies and other organizations, worldwide, as well as media to grow the [...]

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