26 11, 2013

DNA Cycling p/b K4 Announces 2014 Roster, Plans Expanded Schedule

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Salt Lake City, Utah—November 26, 2013—After a successful first season of racing, DNA Cycling p/b K4 is excited to announce a talented roster and expanded racing program for 2014.

In keeping with the team’s commitment to developing women’s cycling, DNA Cycling includes a mix of elite-level and up-and-coming riders. For 2014, DNA Cycling p/b K4 will race with fifteen riders.

Returning riders include: Megan Cloward (Draper, UT), Catherine Fegan-Kim (Salt Lake City, UT), Kemille Garvin (Kaysville, UT), Keri Gibson (Pleasant View, UT), Megan Hill (Saratoga Springs, UT), Mikayla Lyman (Boise, ID), Breanne Nalder (Salt Lake City, UT), Chantel Olsen (Salt Lake City, UT), Anne Perry (Salt Lake City, UT), and Kelsey Withrow (Park City, UT).

New to the team are: Sarah Barber (Boise, ID), Lauren DeCrescenzo (Boulder, CO), Heather Fischer (Boulder, CO), Tina Pic (Salt Lake City, UT), and Amy Thornquist (Reno, NV).

“The 2013 season was a phenomenal journey that defied all expectations with a team that adapted to every adversity,” said team founder Garvin. “This year’s roster is bringing more incredible talent and wisdom. I can’t wait to see what this amazing assembly of women will do.”

During its first season of racing, DNA Cycling p/b K4 scored numerous podium finishes in regional and masters races. The team was especially excited to see Perry win her category in the masters national road race for the second year in a row. Perry also won the UCI masters world championship in Italy.

Pic, the 2009 national criterium champion, joins DNA Cycling p/b K4 in 2014. The experienced Pic will take on a dual role as a rider and team director. Pic’s list of accomplishments in cycling is lengthy, including multiple national criterium championships and NRC championship titles, as well as [...]

20 11, 2013

Featured Rider: Arley Kemmerer

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Each week, the Women’s Cycling Association showcases an inspiring rider from the women’s cycling community. This week we’re excited to introduce Arley Kemmerer.

WCA: What has been your most memorable experience in the sport?

AK: I raced the world cup in Hoogerheide last year. It was my first time racing in Europe, and it was an absolutely awesome experience. Cycling is recognized and appreciated by so many people over there, it was really exciting to be a part of it all. I was blown away by the crowds and enthusiasm, it was truly inspiring. But sometimes I acted more like a tourist than a bike racer! I kept trying to sneak photos and videos from the venue, but didn’t want too many people to see me, it would ruin my street cred as a pro!

WCA: What challenges have you faced in cycling?

AK: I’ve always had to split my time between professional cycling and some other major commitment. I raced all through law school, and am now juggling racing with my law practice. It hasn’t become financially possible for me to just focus on cycling, so I have to balance the two, often antagonistic, disciplines, as both demand a significant amount of time. It can be really stressful at times, but I try to stay focused on the positive, and how fortunate I am to have this opportunity in the first place. That definitely keeps me going.

WCA: What do you enjoy most about the sport?

AK: I really enjoy the challenge of racing cyclocross. The courses and venues are always different, the weather conditions can be absolutely punishing, and one tiny mistake can take you completely out of contention for the day. You never know what can happen, [...]

18 11, 2013

Cycling News: Women’s Cycling Association Launches Membership Drive

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By Stephanie Gutowski, Cycling News
American group hopes to raise status of female cyclists

A group hoping to elevate the status of women in cycling, the Women’s Cycling Association (WCA) kicked off its “Join The Ride” membership drive on Saturday, November 16, 2013 in Davis at the Bicycling Hall of Fame with a forum discussion entitled “Establishing Equity in Women’s Professional Cycling.”

WCA President Robin Farina (NOW and Novartis for MS) and WCA board member Alison Tetrick (ExergyTWENTY16) presented the vision and mission of the WCA. The group hopes “to develop, maintain, and support a network of women cyclists and supporters of women cycling” and “to create opportunity for professional women cyclists.”

“There was a lot of buzz about women cycling this year,” 2011 U.S. National Road Champion Farina said. “Back in May, for the US Pro Championships, it was the first time women raced on par as the men. It was the same venue, same day, and same prize purse. That was a huge milestone for women. Janel Holcomb (Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies) and I chatted about what we could do to help women cycling. We decided at the next race, Philly Cycling Classic, that we would hold a meeting and try to make things happen. We invited the women of the peloton. Fifteen women showed up to discuss the challenges and at that meeting the WCA was born.

“About a month later at the Cascade Classic, we had over 30 riders show up. We also had people who wanted to participate through Skype. The momentum was building. People started to recognize that this could be a viable organization. That is how we want to market ourselves. We see ourselves as the unified voice [...]

18 11, 2013

Daily Peloton Interview: Robin Farina – Women’s Cycling Association

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By Imelda March, Daily Peloton

The Women’s Cycling Association (WCA) was created to fill a void in the cycling industry – a place where professional women cyclists can realize a career path with recognition, financial security and advancement in the sport worldwide. The Daily Peloton recently spoke with WCA president—Robin Farina—and below is our exchange.

Daily Peloton: What did you want to accomplish by attending the 2013 USAC Summit? Can you give us a summary of what developments came out of the meeting?

Robin Farina: We were there to listen, learn and participate. Specifically, the meeting was comprised of National Racing Calendar (NRC), the National Criterium Calendar (NCC), race promoters, USA Cycling staff and professional and elite team owners/directors.

In 2014, the women will be able to enjoy racing in the southern part of the country because three set of races are anchored in the month of April. Starting with the Sunny King Criterium (April 5), followed by the Charlotte-Belmont Omnium (April 12-13) and culminating with the Winston-Salem Classic Criterium (April 18). The NCC continues with other races around the country.

In addition to the Winston Salem Classic, there are plans to host a UCI road race for women in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Details and plans for this event will be announced soon.

Other discussions surrounded the entire membership and learning that 13% are women. Of that 50% of the women who purchase a racing license do not renew the following year. This is a major concern for USA Cycling and the WCA feels that we could be of help in finding out why the renewal rate is not higher.

We have witnessed that there is interest in women wanting to ride their bikes and later commit to racing. For [...]

18 11, 2013

Press Release: WCA Join the Ride Membership Campaign

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Join the Ride, and Help Build a Future for Women’s Cycling
Women’s Cycling Association Kicks Off Inaugural “Join the Ride” Membership Campaign
Winston-Salem, NC—For Release November 18, 2013—The Women’s Cycling Association (WCA) is kicking their inaugural “Join the Ride” membership drive into high gear this week. Supporters of the WCA can now purchase both individual and/or corporate memberships by visiting the WCA website at www.womenscyclingassociation.com, to help build a future for women’s cycling.

The WCA is offering two individual memberships levels including a “Licensed Female” and “Supporter” membership at $35 each. In order to purchase a “Licensed Female” Membership, a female must hold a cycling license from their governing body and be in good standing with that governing body. Both women and men who are interested in supporting the WCA can join at the “Supporter” level. There are several corporate memberships available from the “Friend of the WCA” to the “Yellow Jersey” level. Information on the corporate memberships is available at www.womenscyclingassociation.com.

This past June, a small group of professional women cyclists met to discuss how to create equality in women’s cycling through increased media exposure, equal prize purses, and a minimum salary structure which would allow women to focus on the sport of cycling as a viable career. As a result of the meeting in June, these women from the professional peloton put their team allegiances behind them and joined forces to propel the sport of women’s cycling forward with the creation of the WCA.

Robin Farina, 2011 US National Road Champion and WCA President said, “It is time for a positive shift in Women’s Professional Cycling. The WCA was created to help grow the sport of cycling and ensure sustainability in women’s cycling for the [...]

15 11, 2013

Press Release: Women’s Cycling Association and US Bicycling Hall of Fame Team Up to Host Women’s Pro Cycling Forum

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Davis, CA—For Release November, 15, 2013—The Women’s Cycling Association (WCA) is kicking off their inaugural “Join the Ride” membership drive in high gear as they team up with the US Bicycling Hall of Fame (USBOF) to host the “Establishing Equity in Women’s Professional Cycling” Forum on Saturday, November 16, 2013 from 9am—Noon at the US Bicycling Hall of Fame in Davis, CA. The forum and “Join the Ride” membership drive are part of a weekend of festivities to celebrate the 2013 US Bicycling Hall of Fame Inductees, and are free and open to the public. Forum attendees will be able to purchase WCA memberships on site, or they can visit the WCA website at www.womenscyclingassociation.com to “Join the Ride”. After the Forum event, attendees may join the women and men of the USBHOF and WCA in for a casual 30-mile bike ride.

WCA Board President and Now and Novartis for MS team member, Robin Farina, and WCA board member and Exergy TWENTY16, Alison Tetrick, will participate in the Forum along with other pro women cyclists including; Olivia Dillon, Now and Novartis for MS; Tayler Wiles, Specialized Lululemon; and Emily Kachorek, Vanderkitten. Farina and Tetrick will make a presentation to the group on behalf of the WCA to kick off their membership drive and introduce the WCA as well as their passion and vision of a better future for women’s professional cycling, taking the same steps leaders like Billy Jean King did for equality in women’s tennis over forty years ago. After the WCA presentation, the cyclists will lead an open forum Q&A session to discuss how the WCA and women’s cycling supporters can work together to grow the sport. Attendees will also have the opportunity [...]

13 11, 2013

Featured Rider: Allison Arensman

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Each week, the Women’s Cycling Association showcases an inspiring rider from the women’s cycling community. This week we’re excited to introduce Allison Arensman, a cyclocross racer from Rutherford College, NC.
How did you become involved in cycling?

If you had told me three years ago that I would be riding a bike and racing at the pro level, I would have laughed at you and called you crazy…yet here I am, 3 years deep in a sport that God has given me the talent and the passion for. It has not been without struggle or hardship that I now find myself an emerging professional in both road and cyclo-cross, but I have found that because of these difficulties I can appreciate more each moment of the agony, craziness, and exhilaration that enshrouds cycling.

I was a competitive swimmer for four years before getting into cycling. During my short career in swimming I was adamantly against trying cycling…I had done it for a while when I was 13 or 14 and hated it. Something that hurt that bad and resulted in bigger legs should not be given a second chance!

However, when I stopped growing at 5 feet 4 1/2 inches, and my performance at swim-meets plateaued for over a year no matter how hard I worked on my technique or hit the weight-room, I began to wonder if I was in the wrong sport.

My dad and my brother’s triathlon/cycling coach, Sonni Dyer, kept telling me to give cycling a try, and so reluctantly I did a summer time trial series in Charlotte NC. After almost winning the series in the junior women on a bike that was a size too big, I felt God might be moving [...]

12 11, 2013

Press Release: Women’s Cycling Association Presents at Annual USAC Summit

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Winston-Salem, NC—November 11, 2013—Several founding board members of the Women’s Cycling Association (WCA) made a special presentation to NCC/NRC race promoters and team directors at the annual USA Cycling Summit this past weekend in Winston-Salem to introduce the newly formed WCA, their vision, and their plan for the 2014 season. The group gave a compelling presentation about their vision of a better future for women’s professional cycling, taking the same steps leaders like Billy Jean King did for equality in women’s tennis over forty years ago.

Robin Farina, 2011 US National Road Champion and WCA President, began the presentation by thanking USA Cycling for the invitation and opportunity to introduce the WCA to the group, and the city of Winston-Salem for their hospitality and support of the cycling community. Next, Laura Van Gilder, who has had over 400 career victories in her 22 years of professional racing, gave an emotional and at times, humorous speech about her passion for cycling and her desire to see women’s cycling advance.

Van Gilder said she is happy to be able to finally give back to a sport she loves, “by standing with the WCA.” Lauren Rauck Komanski, who is relatively new to women’s cycling, then spoke to the group about the rising interest of cycling among women, and the opportunities to expand the sport through these fans. Janel Holcomb, 2011 overall NRC Champion, then shared her story on how she broke into the sport of women’s pro cycling in 2008. Holcomb also spoke about the vision, mission and platform of the WCA, which intends to make pro cycling a viable career for women through increased media exposure, improved earnings, more quality races, support and development for youth, and [...]

8 11, 2013

Tour de Park City Gains NRC Status for Women in 2014

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The Tour de Park City, one of Utah’s leading road races, will be the final stop on the women’s National Racing Calendar for 2014. The calendar is a series of premier events throughout the country put together by USA Cycling, the national governing body for road racing. The race will be held on August 2, 2014 in Park City, Utah.

The women’s event will be approximately 100 miles so that the distance matches other major women’s professional one-day races. The TdPC is traditionally a 157-mile road race, and next year the traditional categories will still race on the longer course. Although shorter, the women’s version will still feature over 5,000 feet of climbing, including the ascent to the 10,750′ summit of Bald Mountain Pass on the Mirror Lake Highway.

Organizer Ben Towery stated, “I really believe the women are the new frontier for professional cycling. For sponsors and fans alike the lady pros offer fresh faces and new stories that will inspire a whole new generation of cyclists.”

Look for details soon about the course soon, and expect that many of the world’s top female riders will challenge for the win.

1 11, 2013

Across Miles and Generations, Cycling Bonds Tetrick Family

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This article originally appeared in Zipp News.
October 29, 2013—Paul Tetrick, 82, loves time trials. Riding his trusty Zipp 404-Zipp disc combo, he’s won a drawer full of USA Cycling master’s national TT titles. “I don’t know for sure,” Tetrick, of Colorado, responded when asked how many. “It’s more than a dozen.”

Yet when he lined up in September for his 20km race at the Paula Higgins Memorial Record Challenge TT, he felt some extra family pressure. Granddaughter Alison Tetrick—a 28-year-old pro with the Zipp-sponsored Team Exergy TWENTY16—was starting her 40km run on the famous out-and-back course in New Mexico about 10 minutes behind Paul.

“I was afraid she might catch me,” Paul quipped. That didn’t happen. In fact, beyond their competitive spirits, Paul and Alison have drawn closer because of their love of cycling.

Paul keeps track of his granddaughter’s races across the globe. He’s not on email much, so he calls Alison to catch up. (She jokes that her grandfather is on Zipp Carbon Clinchers but not email.)

Paul talks proudly of her recent second place at the Chrono des Nations time trial in France and that Alison, a biochemistry major in college, is taking an online course to continue her education. He points out that she’s interested in studying head injuries in female athletes—something Alison has had to overcome in her own cycling career.

As grandfathers often do, Paul offers advice. “She works too hard. She doesn’t get enough rest,” said Paul, adding that athletes need to remember that proper rest is equal in importance to hard work. “She doesn’t get that. She’s very intense.”

Alison said, “He has taught me to never settle for less than the very best I can do, as well as teaching [...]

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