About the Women's Cycling Association

About the Women’s Cycling Association

The Women’s Cycling Association is a membership organization of women cyclists and supporters committed to developing and advancing the state of women’s cycling in the United States. The WCA seeks to unify and represent women cyclists and advocate on their behalf: to sporting governing bodies, race organizers, and team management. In the next year, the WCA will work toward meeting our platform goals by lobbying for equal rights for women cyclists, reviewing existing policies and advocating for changes, and networking with grassroots programs that provide support and guidance to cyclists . The WCA will use a variety of techniques, from developing relationships with governing bodies, teams, and race organizers and discussing practical changes, to utilizing media to raise awareness of topics and push for broader change. This lobbying requires your support. For just $35, you can be part of a movement to help elevate the state of women’s cycling.

Long-Term Goals

In the long term, we aim to work with supporters of women’s cycling to make the following advances for the sport:

  • Increase the number of professional races that include a women’s field.
  • Increase the breadth and depth of media coverage of pro women’s cycling.
  • Improve earnings for women’s fields, both through the establishment of a salary and through gender-equal prize purses.
  • Improve the return-on-investment for supporters of women’s cycling.
  • Support the development of amateur women by partnering with grassroots programs and facilitating mentorship for junior and developing riders.
  • Provide a unified voice for women’s cycling to communicate with the media and governing bodies.
  • Collaborate with governing bodies of the sport to work towards equality in cycling.

Our Story

In May, 2013 at the USA Cycling National Road Championships in Chattanooga, NOW and Novartis for MS team member, Robin Farina and Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies team member, Janel Holcomb, met briefly to discuss the idea of creating an organization to support women professional cyclists, in order to help grow the sport of cycling, and ensure sustainability in women’s cycling for the future. Janel knew Robin had been working on an idea and told her, “ it was the right time to strike; we have everyone’s attention.”

The movement began to gain momentum, and the next weekend on June 2, 2013, a small group of professional women cyclists met in Philadelphia to discuss how to create equality in women’s cycling through increased media exposure, equal prize purses, and a minimum salary structure which would allow women to focus on the sport of cycling as a viable career. As a result of the meeting in June, a strong group of six women from the professional peloton including; Robin Farina, Janel Holcomb, Jade Wilcoxson, Devon Gorry, Alison Tetrick, and Lauren Rauck Komanski, put their team allegiances behind them, and joined forces to propel the sport of women’s cycling forward with the creation of the WCA. In just two short months later, on August, 24, 2013, the Women’s Cycling Association held its official launch party in Colorado.

WCA Timeline

March 11, 2014

WCA Inaugural Kit goes on sale. Designer, Lindsay Platoshyn won the opportunity to design the first-ever WCA Kit!

February 6, 2014

WCA hosts “Join The Ride” Tour in Calabasas, CA led by women pro cyclists. Over 150 cyclists came out to support the WCA and women’s cycling.

January 26, 2014

WCA hosts “Join The Ride” Tour in San Luis Obispo, CA, led by women’s pro cycling team, Specialized-Lululemon. Over 150 cyclists came out to support the WCA and women’s cycling.

December 15, 2013

Over 300 cyclists ride with the Women’s Cycling Association at the WCA Bay Area Open Group Ride, led by five professional female racers. Many travel from as far away as Sacramento to support women’s cycling and to learn more about the WCA.

November 18, 2013

WCA Kicks off Membership Drive campaign to invite fans to support the WCA and women’s cycling.

November 16, 2013

The WCA teams up with the US Bicyling Hall of Fame to host an “Establishing Equity in Women’s Cycling” Forum and membership drive kick off prior to the 2013 U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame Inductee Ceremonies in Davis, CA.

November 9, 2013

2013 WCA Board Members Robin Farina, Janel Holcomb, Laura Van Gilder, and Lauren Komanski make a presentation at the USA Cycling Summit in Winston-Salem, NC, to introduce the WCA to USA Cycling, Race Promoters, and Race Directors—and begin conversations on how the WCA can work together with these entities to move the sport of women’s cycling forward.

October 16, 2013

WCA Board Member Lauren Komanski attends the Women’s Sports Foundation 34th Annual Salute to Women to introduce the Women’s Sports Foundation to the new association.

October 10, 2013

WCA President Robin Farina secures a spot for the WCA on the 2013 USAC Summit agenda to introduce the WCA to Race Promoters.

September 27, 2013

The WCA sends a letter to the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) on behalf of Elite Women’s Cyclocross urging BRAC to consider a more favorable racing time for the Women’s Pro/Open category.

September 24 -25, 2013

WCA President Robin Farina attends InterBike 2013 on behalf of the WCA to establish relationships with key partners in the cycling industry including Women Bike, a division of the League of America Bicyclists.

September 19, 2013

The WCA begins collaboration with RaceVista, a new cycling visual media site, to showcase women cyclists on their athlete profile and featured race pages.

September 12 , 2013

The WCA supports the Le Tour Entier effort by circulating info on the manifesto and spreading awareness of the campaign across traditional and social media, as well as with key celebs.

August 24, 2013

Launch of the Women’s Cycling Association.

July 24, 2013

First official WCA Officer’s Meeting.

June 2, 2013

Meeting with cyclists to discuss feasibility of an organization to support female riders and their growth of the sport (the Women’s Cycling Association).

May 25, 2013

Robin Farina and Janel Holcomb meet to discuss the idea of an organization to support pro women cyclists.

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